Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative components is a non-profit consortium company (S.c.a.r.l.), set up as an SME and incorporated in April 2006, with its headquarters in the industrial area of Naples. It includes 17 companies, mostly SMEs, with a total staff of about 1,000 employees and a total turnover of around 250MLI euros. The associated companies develop the entire supply chain of the Aerospace and Aeronautics sectors. ALI promotes the research, development, implementation and marketing of all the products of the consortium companies as well as direct activities and/or production/marketing in the ICT, TLC and aerospace sectors.

Aermec Sud S.r.l.

Aermec Sud has been working in the aeronautics sector, in hydraulics, structural, electromechanical and precision mechanics for more than 30 years. Its major customers are: Alenia Aeronautica, Augusta Westland, Magnaghi Aeronautica, Vulcanair, OMA Sud … go to website

Astro Meccanica S.r.l.

Astro Industry was founded with the aim of operating in the production of precision components in the aerospace, transport and naval sectors. The company promotes and characterizes its activity in the industrial markets for the processing of hi-tech material …go to website

ATM S.r.l.

ATM operates in the field of high precision mechanics using qualified personnel with thirty-year experience. It collaborates with the major Italian and foreign aerospace firms in the sectors of turbo-propulsion and aero-structures and in the design and production of processing, control and handling equipment … go to website

Canale Otto S.r.l.

Canale Otto was founded in 1987, immediately with a regional broadcasting coverage. Currently the broadcaster has 35 repeaters, strategically positioned throughout the territory of Campania, with a coverage that goes from the southern Lazio up to the province of Foggia and is among the first regional broadcasting stations … go to website

Euro.Soft S.r.l.

Euro.Soft is an SME operating in the ICT sector, with a focus on the creation of Space and Environmental systems. The main activities of the company are the development and integration of ICT technologies … go to the website

Form&Atp S.r.l.

Form & Atp was founded in the 1980’s by the initiative of some managers coming from large high-tech companies. From the synergy of their skills and professional experience they formed a Group of companies that are specialized in training, management and development of human resources … go to website

FoxBit S.r.l.

FoxBit operates since 1985 on the national and international market as an Engineering company, aimed at identifying innovative products and developing services that satisfy its customers in the Aerospace and Defense sectors … go to website


ITSLab is a dynamic, young company operating in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) sector with the aim of creating value for its customers through innovation. It is among the leading companies in the sector thanks to its articulated system of offers … go to website

Intecs Solutions S.p.A.

Founded in 1974, INTECS operates in the field of advanced-technology systems. It designs and builds complex electronic systems for major European organizations in different markets such as Defense, Space and Civil Engineering. … go to website

Lead Tech S.r.l.

Lead Tech srl is an engineering company that operates in the field of Integrated Logistic Support, both in the Civil and Military sectors. Its main activities include Design and Issue of Technical Publications, development of Management and HMI Software, Industrial Automation Systems, Mechanical Design and Space Systems. The company, operating since 1994, is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN 9100: 2009 … go to website

Naos S.p.A.

Naos, founded in 2001, offers innovative and customized “customer-oriented” consulting and services to improve the competitiveness of the business, extract all the business value contained in ICT technologies and help companies create more value …

Powerflex S.r.l.

Powerflex is a leading company in the field of insulation of mechanical components from shocks and vibrations, producing both specific metal cable dampers and fully cushioned frames. It is able to assist its customers in the detection and analysis of the most diverse structural dynamical phenomena … go to website

logo_space engineering
Space Engineering S.p.A.

It is an important Italian space industry with expertise in R & D, engineering, simulation, prototyping, integration, testing, small-scale production for both the space and ground segments. Space Engineering is part of Airbus Defense and Space … go to website

Space Factory

Space Factory is the start-up of a design and development company for the pre-production of precision components in the aerospace and advanced mechanical sectors … go to website

SRS Engineering Design S.r.l.

The company SRS Engineering Design is present in Rome, Turin and Naples and is a company that mainly carries out activities of software development, structural and thermal analysis and Mechanical Design … go to website

Tehcno System developments S.r.l.

Techno System Dev. is specialized in the design, development and production of electronic equipment. The company has internal expertise for hardware and software developments that allow the implementation of customized and innovative solutions … go to website

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